Monday, 14 December 2015

Sew Much To Do Printable, QuickPage and Template

I had made this layout for my monthly book to remind me how much I would just love to lock myself up and play with the sewing machines. I have collected some antique patterns, my collection is not large at all, rather smallish really. But just thinking of the possibilities one single pattern holds....  I have received amazingly lovely comments and that is why I am making this layout available as a printable, as a QP and as a template. The elements will be available as part of my portion of the PS January Blogtrain which has a craft motto. So come back when I have them up for downlaod to snag these if you like. For starters here is the layout. You can dl the printable here. Please stay tuned for the QP and the template. Thanks for visiting and I hope you are finding my little pressies useful for your projects. Please link up to your galleries in the comment section if you use any of it, I am dying to see your work.  Much love and enjoy the best season of the year!

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